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When I start, this blog I was not aware that I will come this far, 60 posts are finished today and I was not expecting even 6??. Throughout my, this small journey I met so many people who have amazing skills either related to writing, art, poetry or have a marvelous knowledge about cooking, gardening which they can teach to the other people but they do not know how? Then I make my mind to write this article to encourage them to start their own blogs because according to me this is the best and cheapest platform where you can share your thoughts all over the world.

First, who can start the blog?

  • The author of a book to promote his/her work.
  • For those people who feels writing is passion.
  • Want to show their art to the world in the form of image blog or vlog.
  • A poet, who can write Shayari, with the every sip of coffee or wine.
  • A knowledgeable person, who is always ready to share their knowledge with other people.
  • A businessman, who wants to promote their products.
  • You follow the daily news on regular basis.
  • Make money from home
So if you are any one of above then you are welcome to the blogger community.

How to start a blog?

  • Find out the reason for starting your blog.
  • Choose the domain name and hosting service.
  • Choose the blogging platform.
  • A poet, who can write Shayari, with the every sip of coffee or wine.
  • Make your blog beautiful.
  • Write the posts and make the pages.
  • Market your blog.
Let us discuss each point one by one.
  1. Find out the reason for starting your blog: This is the main and most difficult step to start a blog but if you are a skillful person then this is the easiest step for you. Find your reason to start a blog, like you want to solve other problems, share your life experiences and teach them something new, entertain them with your poetry, video or writing. So this is the main step, once you finish this rest is very easy.
  2. Choose the domain name and hosting service: Once you decide what is your reason, according to that decide your domain name. Basically, the domain name is your blog name or blog link, which you share with your followers or reader. For detailing of hosting services please visit the link Hosting services for beginners, where you can get full details about it.
    Hosting services you will find paid and free both, but I suggest you use paid services because these paid services take tens of your dollars but give you fully support in the form of technically or other ways. Even if you are not a technical person they will set up a blog for you and give fully training.
  3. Choose the blogging platform: Like hosting services, these are also either free or paid. But again I will recommend the paid one.
    • It is very easy to customize.
    • These are very cheap.
    • You can choose your designs according to your wish.
    • You get the blog in your own name.
    • You have totally control on your blogs.
    • Wordpress is the best option among the blogging platforms. You can get beautiful WordPress themes here. Except this, you can use Blogger, Tumblr, Weebly and so on.
  4. Make your blog beautiful: The next step to make your blog beautiful and more over user-friendly.There are some elements which you need to add in your blog.
    • Subscription box, with which visitors, can subscribe to your blog.
    • Comment Box, where visitors can share their opinions.
    • Author Information, if you have multiple authors.
    Make sure you have catchy images, beautiful colors, and a responsive design which will fit on all devices. Try to avoid complicated technologies because remember your visitors coming to your blog only for your contents. There are certain WordPress plugins which are used for blogging like WordPress Popular Post, Post Hit Counter and more. Keen to learn WordPress contact me at
  5. Write the posts and make the pages: Design is done, now it’s time to real action. Make a post inside your blogging platform. Generally, you will find it in your dashboard with the label of ‘New Post’. Write your contents and publish them with suitable labels or tags. Actually, if you did all the above steps properly this is the easiest part.
  6. Market your blog: The last step to show your work to the world. At this point, you will get a link with your blog name, which you can share with your friends, relatives on Facebook, twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms. You can hire some marketing professionals also who not only market your blog but also get more and more visitors for your blog. Wordpress even have some special plugins which can use to market like tripwire.
Blogging is not only to show your passion about anything but also helps to make money, connect with new people through your comment box, increase your discussion or communication skills, helps other people with information sharing, makes you a better person, improve your writing skills and above all you get self-promotion.
Still, have any doubt mail me at, I will surely clear your doubts as much I can and as soon as possible.


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