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is as much an instinct as it is also a science. The most memorable marketing campaigns in 2017 rely more on intuition, even as technology, data, and research drive successful marketing campaigns these days. An instinctive campaign stands a better chance of setting a new standard and often stands a better chance of being tremendous. On the other hand, .marketing campaigns stand a better chance of ruining careers and making the brand of an industry laughingstock if not handled with utmost care.While everybody has their own favorites, here are our top 10 WORST marketing campaigns in 2017.
  1. The First Class Travel of the American Airlines The American Airlines learned their lesson the hard way through this marketing campaign because their clients are smarter than the deal. Actually, it was an outright one-time fee for unlimited first-class air travel, which sounds like a no-brainer, but it turned out to be a total failure. The airline would have just doubled frequent miles or provided incentives for devoting to loyalty programs rather than offering the golden ticket of airline passes. The interest of the company in making quick money eventually boomeranged and wreck havoc.
  2. The Frozen Dinners Colgate Campaign Colgate is a toothpaste manufacturing company and they are very good at this product. But one way or the other, they tried their hand at the frozen dinner campaign that failed woefully. They would have succeeded in this campaign if they had not been extremely good at their toothpaste. Investing in a subsidiary company or buying a smaller one—offering customers a different brand to focus on while they launched a new product would have been a simple solution.
  3. Changing the Formula by Coca-Cola During the cola conflicts between coke drink and Pepsi, its competitor, Coca-Cola went nuclear. Coke just succeeded in showing how confused they were, as Pepsi played their own campaigns smart with ad campaigns. Initially, Coke railed in opposition to sweeter colas—until they came up with New Coke. The new Coke was sweeter but not measured to the expectation of how people consumed soda in can or bottle. Consumers were instantly disappointed by how sweet the New Coke was when they began to buy its bottles and cans. What Coca-Cola ought to have done was to come up with better ad campaigns.
  4. Bringing the Loved Ones Back from the Dead by Pepsi This is another worst marketing campaign in 2017. In this particular campaign, Pepsi turned out to be the stale soda of choice for a full housewife and they began to work on Come Alive. Bringing the loved ones back from the dead made Pepsi became the brand of the youth. However, the overseas sales started to drop after the re-launch of the brand with television commercials and wave of jingles.
  5. Runner Charged with Firearm Murder by Nike This is a Nike ad that depicted different athletes in motion. However, this marketing campaign was spoiled by celebrity endorsements. Making use of licensing deals, which is an act of that attaches the name of a celebrity to a particular brand is a solution to the problem of possible misbehavior. Licensing deals puts the name of that celebrity at stake and promotes accountability, instead. On the other hand, it can promote trust between individuals and the company, and support more accountable behavior.
  6. The White against Black PSP Campaign by Sony Marketing is such a field that rewards the brassy occasionally, but you run the risk of drawing fire when your campaign images take human form. Sony made use of giant billboards with more than a few different images all focused on white PSP, in honor of the launching of their new ceramic white PSP. The marketing campaign was a failure because Sony was being purposely vulgar.
  7. A Gap in Brain Signals by Gap Gap's brand blunder was a revised logo. This meticulous campaign was rather simple—the company wanted to boost their appearance and tested a new logo out. Unfortunately, this new logo did not register as cool to the brain or didn't register. A lack of style is a tremendous loss of brand value for a company in the business of apparel. All you use such as the font of the text and the colors can affect how your ad is perceived when it comes to visual marketing campaigns. The bottom line here is that you should at all times put a lot of thought into your marketing campaigns. In addition, careful thought must be incorporated into each visual element or else marketing campaigns will fail.
  8. The Thrashing of President Donald Trump by McDonald A disgusting tweet from McDonald was released, in March. But the company claimed that it was the hackers who published the tweet. Macdonald took the tweet down fast, but the episode revealed how vulnerable the business accounts can be.
  9. Dove's Body-positive Packaging In this particular marketing campaign, Dove made a controversial attempt to reshape its shampoo bottles to reveal different types of the body in an effort to redefine the popular beauty standards. The campaign is a run of six different body-wash bottles to demonstrate the power of body diversity–including slim, short, tall and curvy. This marketing campaign was evaluating the physique and figures of women to mostly loose-fitting, conceptual soap bottles which actually sent the wrong message and were met with both joking and earnest concern on platforms such as Twitter.
Conclusion These are the top 10 worst marketing campaigns in 2017. They are offensive or accidents tweets by somebody in the company, but not well thought out marketing campaigns. A good number of these campaigns are from big conglomerates and have had months of planning and most likely to have many people working on them. if these companies or the advertisers learned to carry out more research and link with their audience, these types of campaigns could have been avoided easily.

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