Saturday, 11 February 2017


Successful man and vacations, really a rare combination according to all. But this is true for every successful person that they go for vacations and utilize this time to improve them and their lives.
Generally, they do the following things on their vacations.

Social Service:

Most of the successful people devote their vacations in a social cause, they volunteer to NGOs. They do social work so they can make other people happy.
According to a Chinese Proverb
“If you want happiness for an hour — take a nap."
“If you want happiness for a day — go fishing."
“If you want happiness for a year-inherit a fortune."
“If you want happiness for a lifetime-help someone else.”
They understand this very well that making happy to others is the key to positive thinking.

Leave the work:

They forget everything about the work. No emails, No social media, No meetings, No internet. They remove the word “work” from their dictionary. They completely de-attach from office work. But no doubt before leaving their work they completely organize everything like they assign their jobs to other person and distribute their responsibilities to other persons so that office worker should not suffer. They set their email with an auto-reply. They organize all things so perfectly that they can enjoy every second of their vacations without getting worried about their work.

Give time to their passions

This time totally dedicates to their hobbies. They travel a lot like a trip to abroad or cruise trip, to explore new things in life. They read inspirational things. They give more exposures to their hobbies like cooking, painting, playing guitar, singing extra.


They almost change their daily routines in these days but no excuse for exercise or yoga.
Where ever they lived they go GYM regularly or do exercise or yoga at home on daily basis.

Enjoy Nature

They spend so much time in nature and go close to nature as much as possible. Everyone knows their indoor lifestyle not only affecting their health but also emotional, mentally and behavior also. They understand very well that working whole day in an air conditioner or fluorescent lights are not the ideal way to work or live so they try to fulfill the shortage of freshness and the natural world in these days.

Reconnect with Authentic Relationships

Being a successful person, you need to leave a lot of things including that time which you can spend with your relatives or friends. So Most of the successful people visit their relatives, friends. Reconnect with them. Spend time with them. Organize some get to gathers or parties so that they can meet them or just do normal talks, hang out with their gangs and get emotionally reconnect with their buddies. They also spend time with their mentors so that they can learn more from them.

Real me time

This is really me time for them, which they invest in them or their family only. They take classes of their hobbies or learn new skills. They improve themselves by taking these classes, which they cannot do in their daily routines. They inspire themselves by exploring new things like go to museums, exhibitions. They pamper themselves by doing shopping for themselves or eat whatever they want to eat, sleep as much as they want. By break all the rules they remind themselves that how much they love themselves and do everything which makes them happy.

DE-stress themselves

The main motive of these people are to DE-stress themselves and spend quality time, So they can discover themselves, make themselves strong to fulfill all those responsibilities which they take on their shoulders. They try to get some fresh or motivational experiences in these days. They try to explore those things which they are missing in their daily lives and in this way they maintain a balance in their lives. They make their vacations an opportunity to open their minds. They make these days so much special, totally different from their daily routines. They make it unforgettable and awesome experience so that they can fuel them up for further life struggles.
If we take a look at the life of successful persons they really need it, as once I read somewhere that CEO of Yahoo attending 70+ meetings per week so we can imagine how stressful their lives are.


  1. Very good article. Vacation is must for all to make yourself fresh and active. Thanks