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Twitter, Almost every person must familiar with this word nowadays because of the news ticker which always full of twitter trends. Jokes apart, this is the one of the powerful media of sharing your opinion online. Although, it has only 140 character limit still every big company has an account with this social platform. The terminology used in it is very special like:

Twitter Handler:

Account created on twitter know as twitter handler.


The message posted by a user in the form of text, link, image or video.


Respond given to anyone tweet.


Retweet is to sharing someone tweet with your followers.


Bookmarking the tweet you like.


Any word starts with # symbol without space, act as tags.


Someone use your username @username in their message, like mentioning you for some specific reason for asking a question.
 Some Stats:
Customer care (66%) For purchase purpose (94%) For Sales (69%)
Most of well establish companies take direct questions or complaints from their twitter handles. Users purchase from SMB they follow. Take orders directly with the help of @Reply or @DM

Tools use on twitter:

Twitter Toolbar: The top search bar is used to search any type of tweet, but make sure if you are looking for particular tweet then use #keyword, and if looking for a particular account then use @username. As I told before #keyword is acted as tags on twitter and known as hashtags. These hashtags are managed by is a search engine used to search for hashtags and keywords on Twitter and Instagram. This is another option, in which you can do a search according to the time frame like 24 hrs. Before, or past year. Best option to keep eye on your competitors and niche market and trending topics. This service is used to get a full report about your tweets, account or any specific keyword. It will tell your tweet reach to how many accounts and much more. This is image hosting service which shortens the URL(the web address which we type in the address bar of a browser) up to 140 characters so that, those can be tweet easily. You can share the direct link to videos from youtube in your tweets. Like YouTube, is used to share your audios on twitter in the form of links. These audios called podcasts.
Tweetups:Tweetups start with the hashtag. Basically, this a face to face meeting organized by a person for individuals or group of people. These type of meetings convert your 140 characters long tweets to full conversations.
Where exactly Twitter is used in business? Twitter is used to Generate Publicity about your products, services, brands or company. You can share products or coupons through tweets and your followers must consider your coupons at least for once. This can be used to increase Brand Awareness by tweeting at least 4-5 times per day. Email Subscription is the latest feature, given by twitter so you can easily manage your subscriber lists. Yes, you can put subscribe button on your twitter account with the help of twitter cards and ask your followers to subscribe to it. These twitter cards give one-click signup button and if anyone clicks on that button then automatically his/her email address added to your newsletter. Because of this, no one needs to fill out the form or confirm/activate the link. Also, you can drive traffic to your website or blog by sharing your website or blog links.
Some other tips
  • You follow me, I will follow you this is the key rule to get more followers on Twitter. You can follow maximum 2000 users from one account.
  • If you want quality and engage followers, find out the targeted keywords tweets. You can click on the favorite button of those tweets and ask them to follow you.
  • Same like click on a favorite, you can offer something like eBook, information in the exchange of following you.
  • Always be particular about your tweet created by you, it should be original and fit for your purpose.
  • Use headiness in the form of lists, how to, refer some famous personality, use keywords, so users get attracted easily.
  • Tweet your content at least 4-5 times per day.
  • Connect all your social platforms with Facebook, LinkedIn or blogs.
  • Always track your results with Twitter analytics.
  • Use Buffer App or hoot suite to share your tweets on other social media platforms.
  • Optimize your Twitter bio.
  • Organize whom you follow with lists and conversion lists.
  • Create a Twitter landing page.
  • Try to use google keyword planner while searching in twitter so you can get trending and top tweets in your search.
  • Use social media tools, like,,, to check your score.
After all, this, if I say that twitter itself become a very powerful medium to grow your business then it is not wrong.

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