Wednesday, 11 January 2017


I already discuss with you how to start a company, or how to decide target audience for your business. Today we will discuss how we can generate leads for our business. I am sure you all heard about these but if you found something new or want to share something new please do comments in following comment box.


Yes, twitter helps you to generate business leads as twitter has millions of users around the world so you can imagine. There are so many ways like use hashtags, search keywords related to your business, share the links, use images and videos, in short, do not make your tweets boring make it a bit interesting so the audience gets attracted to them. Along with learning properly how to use twitter cards or twitter.


what is an infographic? Information shows by graphics,. but its true you have seen so many infographics nowadays, check my previous post where I put infographics my favorite new year resolutions, it is not only entertaining but also easy to understand. Now how it helps to generate leads. Everyone use subscription or sign up forms on their website, try to put as much information you can put there beside the form and it will become your first infographic.Same if we sharing infographics in social media platforms they got more likes and shares rather than links or text.Think yourself how much links you share today?


Another interesting way to generate leads, webinar means web base seminar, Where an organizer organize an online presentation and participants can attend his or her presentation through your computer, browser, speaker, and microphone from the home only. The only way to get register for participants to a webinar is their email address. In this way, an organizer can get easily email addresses of their niche customers in the form of participants.


A research said 44% of business leads generate by LinkedIn. Everyone know that LinkedIn is purely dedicated to professionals either for jobs or business rather than other social media platforms. In LinkedIn, you can create your own or can send your posts to other groups. The main thing promotes your products only in your niche group for better results. Along with you can make your connections only with those you fit into your buyer’s profile. And this way you can easily get 500-1000 leads in the week for your business, as we know linked have almost 400 million users registered.

Use advanced technology/apps/tools for marketing:

As I mention before, infographics, webinars there are some apps or websites also who help in your marketing and save your time like email software, automatic publish your tweets or posts. Sendblaster is most commonly use for email marketing and HootSuite for automatic publishing.

Answer a question on Quora:

With my personal experience I am telling you Quora is a very reliable source for lead generation. But make sure you are not there to promote your company links or blog links. You should give your honest and detailed answers so that you can get upvotes and people direct connect with you. Again, answers only those questions related to your niche market.

Offer Freebies:

Always offer some free software, ebooks, graphic icons or any type of freebies on your website, which can be downloaded by only get registered with your website by using the email address. There are some other ways like you can embed facebook likes, twitter followers or LinkedIn connects to download your freebies.

Live chats on the website:

Live chats is the other way with which you can generate leads for your business, by making starting the chat session with a sign-up form like subscription form etc. In this form, you can ask for name, email address and interest of the customer to connect you.
These are some ways who can help you to get business leads, along with, last but not least SEO, Newsletters, Email marketing other social media like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Interview influencers, Podcasts, Forums, Encourage happy clients to provide recommendations
Subscription boxes/landing pages, youtube videos are some other ways who can help you to generate business leads. Also the traditional methods like flyers, word of mouth, networking events where you exchange your business cards extra.
At the end, business is all over give those services to your customers which they really need. And the key to a successful business is happy clients.



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