Saturday, 19 March 2016


Planning to develop a Website for your business, launch a personal blog, create any social networking platform or start any online shopping cart, the first step is to purchase a web hosting service and domain name.

What is this Web Hosting Service?

Web hosting Service can be defined as online space provided by Hosting Providers on the internet to publish our web pages. On this space, we can save our files and databases which are maintained by web hosting providers. These web hosting providers use special techniques to make our files secure and keep them online until we want. In easy words, as we store our files on personal computers, hosting providers use hi-fi computers to save them. These computers called web servers and all the services provide by Web hosting providers call Web Hosting Service.
How it works?
A user needs an internet connection mandatory, to use this service. After getting an internet connection, he has chosen right hosting service for him. There are three types of hosting services.
  • Free Web Hosting
  • Share Web Hosting
  • Dedicate Web Hosting
The user needs to choose the hosting service according to its requirement like if he is planning any e-commerce website, he needs to choose to Dedicate server with SSL Certificate. Now after selecting right service and developing its website, the user will type its address into the browser( Internet Explorer, Safari, FireFox, Chrome etc. ), the computer will connect to the web server and user can view the web page.
Some other things also important while choosing hosting service, like its
Uptime: The time taken by file to get upload in the server.
Downtime: The time taken by file to get the download from the server.
Server Language: While choosing hosting service we must assure that which server language user will use to develop our website, means if it's PHP, PERL, PYTHON then the user should go for LINUX Server base hosting service, on other hands if user use ASP as server language then go for WINDOWS Server base hosting service. LINUX base server supports MYSQL and PostgreSQL databases. Whereas WINDOWS Server base hosting service supports Microsoft SQL Server and Access database.
Online Space: The total space given by hosting provider, where you store your files.
Connection Limits: Especially for those websites in which your website visitors needs to interact with your database on regular basis.
FTP Access: FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, which is used to upload and download the files from your server. You need to check your Hosing service provider how many FTP accounts?
Backup: Your hosting service should have the facility to provide backups of your files and database means they give you service to make duplicates of your files and database.
Email accounts: One is major service, means the user can create its email account with its domain name which he registered with his web hosting service. For example with, he can forward his emails or can set up POP3 or SMTP accounts.